Thesis and Dissertations

Ph. D. Thesis

Seungjae Lee, “Robust control and fully-actuated flight mechanism for multirotor-based versatile aerial robotics platform,” Ph.d thesis, February, 2020.

Pyojin Kim, “Low-Drift Visual Odometry for Indoor Robotics,” Ph.d thesis, February, 2019.

Hyeonggeun Kim, “Guidance Laws to Control Impact Angle and Time for Missiles with Field-of-View Constraint,” Ph.d thesis, August, 2018.

Seunghyun Kim, “Optimal Trajectory Generation and Robust Control of a Launch Vehicle during Ascent Phase,” Ph.d thesis, February, 2018.

Hyeonbeom Lee, “Cooperative Control and Planning for Safe Aerial Transportation in Unknown Environments,” Ph.d thesis, August, 2017.

Suseong Kim, “Robust Control Strategy for Multirotors Independent of Varying Equipment Configuration,” Ph.d thesis, February, 2017.

Jaehyun Yoo, “Wifi-based Indoor Localization using Semi-supervised Learning,” Ph.d thesis, February, 2016.

Dongsoo Cho, “Nonsingular Guidance for Impact Time and Angle Control,” Ph.d thesis, August, 2015.

Hyon Lim, “Autonomous Vision based Navigation for Micro Aerial Vehicles,” Ph.d thesis, February, 2015.

Dongjun Kwak, “An Approach to Motion Planning and Behavior Coordination for Multi-Robot Systems,” Ph.d thesis, August, 2014.

Jaemann Park, “Online learning control of hydraulic excavators based on echo state networks,” Ph.d thesis, August, 2014.

Woojin Kim, “Persistent surveillance using multiple robots: coordination and path planning,” Ph.d thesis, August, 2014.

Tyler Ryan, “Practical state estimation and control for autonomous quadrotor flight,” Ph.d thesis, August, 2014.

Byounghun Choi, “Effective model-free and model-based strategies for closed-loop flow separation control,” Ph.d thesis, February, 2013.

Sunhyuk Kang, “Guidance Laws with Impact Time and Angle Constraints using Differential Games and Polynomial Functions,” Ph.d thesis, August, 2012.

Daewon Lee, “Image-Based Visual Servo Control for a Quadrotor UAV,” Ph.d thesis, February, 2012.

Jongho Shin, “Vision-Based Autonomous Navigation of Rotary-Wing UAV using Neural Networks and RISE Feedback,” Ph.d thesis, August, 2011.


Haram Kim, “Rotational motion estimation with contrast maximization using an event camera only,” M.S. dissertation, August, 2019.

Dohyun Jang, “Networked operation of a UAV using learning-based model predictive control and delay compensation,” M.S. dissertation, February, 2019.

Wonchul Kim, “Learning and generalization of dynamic movement primitives by hierarchical deep reinforcement learning,” M.S. dissertation, August, 2018.

Seungjoon Lee, “Online Learning Control of Automatic Transmission : Torque Control in Shifting Phase,” M.S. dissertation, February, 2018.

Heebeom Lee, “Indoor localization with application of semi-supervised learning and ensemble approach,” M.S. dissertation, February, 2018.

Seungjoon Lee, “Online Learning Control of Automatic Transmission : Torque Control in Shifting Phase,” M.S. dissertation, February, 2018.

Changhyeon Kim, “Robust RGB-D Camera Motion Estimation using ICP-based Edge Alignment,” M.S. dissertation, February, 2018.

Sangil Lee, “Robust Visual Odometry via Rigid Motion Segmentation for Dynamic Environments,” M.S. dissertation, August, 2017.

Jinhong Lim, “Unsupervised Bayesian Online Learning for Multi-agent Exploration in an Unknown Environment,” M.S. dissertation, February, 2017.

Taewan Kim, “Path Tracking for a Skid-steer Vehicle using Learning-based Model Predictive Control,” M.S. dissertation, February, 2017.

Hoseong Seo, “Model Predictive Visual Guidance for Shortest Distance,” M.S. dissertation, February, 2016.

Seungjae Lee, “Acceleration Control of a Multi-rotor UAV with Disturbance Observer against Wind,” M.S. dissertation, February, 2016.

Seungwan Ryu, “System Identification and Tracking Control of a Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle,” M.S. dissertation, August, 2015.

Bongju Lee, “Development of Automatic Control for a Hydraulic Excavator,” M.S. dissertation, February, 2015.

Joonghyun Lee, “Multi-target classification and tracking using wireless sensor networks,” M.S. dissertation, February, 2015.

Seil An, “Policy Learning for Task Allocation from Manual Demonstrations by a Human User,” M.S. dissertation, August, 2014.

Jieun Choi, “Multi-agent Persistent Surveillance with Time-interval Constraints Using Mixed Integer Linear Programming,” M.S. dissertation, February 2014.

Hyeonggeun Kim, “Missile Guidance Law Considering Constraints on Impact Angle and Terminal Angle of Attack,” M.S. dissertation, February 2014.

Seungwon Choi, “Inverse Reinforcement Learning Control for Trajectory tracking for a Quadrotor UAV,” M.S. dissertation, February 2014.

Asad Ullah Awan, “Asymptotic Position Tracking Control of Shape Memory Alloy Actuator using Neural Networks and RISE Feedback,” M.S. dissertation, February 2013.

Hyeonbeom Lee, “Trajectory Tracking of a Quadrotor UAV using Geometric-based Backstepping Control,” M.S. dissertation, February 2013.

Seunghyun Kim, “Force and Moment Blending Control for Fast Response of Agile Dual Missiles,” M.S. dissertation, February 2013.

Dongsoo Cho, “Adaptive support vector regression for dynamic surface control of an uncertain nonlinear system,” M.S. dissertation, August 2011.

Dongjun Kwak, “Probabilistic Pursuit-Evasion Game using Reinforcement Learning,” M.S. dissertation, February 2011.

Jehyeon Yu, “Consensus of Nonlinear Multi-agent Systems with the Event-triggered Control,” M.S. dissertation, February 2011.

Seungmin Baek, “Multi-agent path planning in adversrial environments using mixed integer linear programming,” M.S. dissertation, February 2011.

Kyungup Kim, “Agile-Turn Guidance and Control for an Air-to-Air Missile,” M.S. dissertation, August 2010.

Saim Saher, “Performance enhancement of ionic polymer metal nano composite (ipmnc) actuator by plasma treatments,” M.S. dissertation, February 2010.

Jaemann Park, “Analysis of Flocking Behaviors in Multi-agent Systems,” M.S. dissertation, February 2010.

ByungHun Choi, “Roll-Pitch-Yaw Integrated Missile Autopilot using Mu-Synthesis”, M.S. dissertation, February 2009.

Sunhyuk Kang, “Roll-Pitch-Yaw Integrated Autopilot Design for High Angle-of-Attack Missile”, M.S. dissertation, February 2008.

Yongsoom Yoon, “Autonomous active steering for collision avoidance using model predictive control in unknown environments” , February 2008.

최기영, “A* 검색 알고리듬을 이용한 무인항공기 경로생성 기법에 대한 연구,”  M.S. dissertation, February 2006.