Thank you for your interest in joining us!

We believe that choosing a lab is a big decision that can affect the rest of your career, which may, in turn, have an impact on your life. Especially, finding people with whom you can work well can be as important as finding a perfect project. We want a good match as much as you do, so you will probably have a face-to-face meeting at some point.

But before that, please have a look at some of our publications as well as our current research directions first, then email Prof. H. Jin Kim with the following information. Also, please keep in mind that all the admission decisions to the Seoul National University are made by the official admission committees, so the individual contact with professors does not guarantee your acceptance in any way.

For graduate study

  • Your brief resume (no special form), your transcript (unofficial version OK)
  • A few paragraphs on why you want to do graduate study, especially why in our lab
  • Your research interests and related skills
  • Your objectives  (including your aspirations after completing your graduate degree)
  • Information on relevant experiences  (such as personal/group projects, internships, or work experience)

For undergraduate internship

  • Please note that we are not interested in hosting short-term undergraduate interns (say, shorter than a few months).
  • Your brief resume (no special form), your transcript (unofficial version OK)
  • A couple of paragraphs on why you want to get involved
  • Because we can accommodate only a very small number of interns, information on your skills (such as programming, hardware, math), prior experiences (such as personal/group projects or any work experience), and how much you can commit to the lab will be a plus.